Burdens related to Europe關於歐洲的負擔

1)      Conference in Brussels, Belgium (22-23 Nov)十一月22-23在比利時布魯塞爾的特會

Please pray for the Lord’s move among the French speakers and a blessed time of blending for the saints who are gathering together for this time.


2) The Lord’s move in Athens, Greece在希臘雅典主的行動

Since May of 2008 four saints have emigrated from the United States to Athens, Greece. All four of the emigrated saints have gone through the long processes of finding apartments, acquiring student visas, gaining admittance to a university or language school, applying for visa extensions, registering with the tax office, and learning how to live in a foreign country. Each step of the way has been covered by the saints’ prayers, and the Lord has answered every petition. The saints are grateful to Lord for His Body. All four are presently enrolled in classes to learn the Greek language. At this time, they believe that they have reached the point where it is time to begin contacting the Greek students in earnest. With this in mind, please join with them in praying along the following lines:


a) The continued strengthening of the blending and building up of the saints in Athens to produce the “net” to contain the Lord’s blessing.

1           繼續加強在雅典聖徒的相調與建造,以產生「網絡」而滿了主的祝福。

b) That the Lord would bring the seeking ones into contact with the emigrated saints.

2           求主帶領尋求者進入與這些移民聖徒的接觸。

c) That the emigrated saints would have the grace to learn the Greek language.

3           移民聖徒有恩典學習希臘文。

3) The current situation in Ukraine烏克蘭當前的情況

There are more than 50 churches in Ukraine, all raised up by the Lord through His move to the Russian-speaking world. Currently, the country is in a deep financial and political crisis. Please beseech the Lord as the universal Administrator of God’s economy to rule over the present situation through the seven Spirits so that the saints will be supplied, the churches will be built up, and many chosen ones will receive the Lord’s salvation and be added to the church.


4) The continuation of the fall semester on the college campuses in Europe歐洲校園工作秋季學期的持續

Please pray for the continuing care for the new ones contacted on the college campuses in Europe, including the campuses in the UK (London, Reading, Cambridge, and Norwich), Spain (Madrid), France (Paris), Germany (Dusseldorf), Netherlands (Delft), Slovakia (Bratislava), Romania (Bucharest), and Greece (Athens).

請為在歐洲校園工作接觸到的新人持續照顧代禱,包含在英國的校園(倫敦,Reading, 劍橋、和挪利其),西班牙(馬德里),法國(巴黎),德國(達斯拓夫),荷蘭(代爾夫特),捷克斯洛伐克共和國(伯拉第斯拉瓦),羅馬尼亞(布加勒斯特),和希臘雅典。

Burdens related to Israel關於以色列的負擔

To receive prayer requests for Israel, please write to [email protected] and ask the brothers to add you to the mailing list.  We encourage all the local churches to do this, because there are crucial burdens related to the Lord’s move in Israel that need our persistent and strong prayer. Please include your name and locality.